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Jon Anderson- Deseo
Album: Deseo
Artist: Jon Anderson
1994 Windham Hill
CD: 01934 11140-2

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals and keyboards
Deborah Anderson- backing vocals
Otmaro Ruiz- keyboards
Freddy Ramos- guitar
Aaron Serafaty- percussion
Eduardo del Signore- bass

Milton Nasciemento- vocals  on "Amor Real"
Mountain Girls- vocals on "A-DE-O"
Glen Monorig- vocals on "Cafe"
Boca Livre on "Danca Da Ouro"
Valentina Vargas- vocals on "Midnight Dancing"
Cecilia Toussaint- vocals on "Deseo"
Girls of Puerto Rico- vocals on "Latino"
Vanessa Mixco- voice on "Bless This" 
Ruben Rada- percussion on "Seasons"
Steve Thornton- percussion on "Amor Real" and "Midnight Dancing"
Lorenza Pose- violin on "Amor Real" and "Midnight Dancing"
Paul Haney- sax on "Amor Real"
Jorge Laboy- guitar on "Cafe"
The Reedam Singers- Deborah Anderson, Nina Swan, Liza Gelabart,
Carla Day and Francis Benitez

Written and Produced by Jon Anderson except
"A-DE-O" Written by Nasciemento/Casadaligia/Tierra, and
"Danca Do Ouro" by Renato/Baeta

1.  Amor Real  04:17
2.  A-DE-O  03:19
3.  Bridges  03:32
4.  Seasons  03:34
5.  Floresta  03:04
6.  Cafe  03:19
7.  This Child  02:14
8.  Danca Do Ouro  04:29
9.  Midnight Dancing  03:50
10.  Deseo  05:32
11.  Latino  03:18
12.  Bless This  02:56

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