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Album: Dig?
Artist: Bill Bruford's Earthworks
1989, Editions E.G.

Band Members:
Bill Bruford - electronic drums, chordal drums, continuum keyboards,
acoustic drums, percussion
Django Bates - tenor horn, pocket trumpet, keyboards
Iain Ballamy - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, tenor
saxophone, didgeridoo
Tim Harries - fretless bass, acoustic bass

Produced by Adam Moseley and Bill Bruford.

1. Stromboli Kicks (Bruford/Bates/Ballamy) (5:33)
2. Gentle Persuasion (Bates/Ballamy) (4:21)
3. Downtown (Hatch, arr. Bates/Ballamy) (5:48)
4. Pilgrim's Way (For Jess) (Ballamy/Bruford) (6:20)
5. Dancing On Frith Street (Bates) (4:19)
6. A Stone's Throw (Bates/Ballamy/Bruford) (6:04)
7. Libreville (Bates/Ballamy/Bruford) (6:10)
8. Corroboree (Bruford/Ballamy) (4:44)
Thanks to John Sowalsky for providing this information.

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