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Kitaro- Dream
Album: Dream
Artist: Kitaro
1992 Geffen
CD: GEFD-24477

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals (3, 6, 7, 10)
Steve Bailey- bass
Shigeru Okazawa- electric bass
Syoji Fujii- drums
Jonathan Goldman- chanting
Kristin Stordahl Kanda- flute
T. Y. Burhos- tabla
Jimmy Hahn- guitar
Ken Park- percussion
Deborah Anderson- backing vocals
Coral Symphony Strings

Produced by Kitaro

Music written by Kitaro, Lyrics by Jon Anderson

1.  Symphony Of The Forest  04:43
2.  Mysterious Island  03:40
3.  Lady Of Dreams  08:17
4.  A Drop Of Silence  02:56
5.  A Passage Of Life  07:59
6.  Agreement  06:31
7.  Dream Of Chant  03:53
8.  Magical Wave  03:06
9.  Symphony Of Dreams  05:43
10.  Island Of Life  09:41

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