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Album: Duck Rock
Artist: Malcolm McLaren
1983 Charisma Records Ltd.

Band members:
Malcolm McLaren: vocals
Anne Dudley: keyboards
Tom Dolby: additional keyboards
Louis Jordan: additional percussion
David Birch: additional guitars
Gary Langan: Jews harp

Buffalo Gals: vocals (2)
World's Famous Supreme Team: links, scratching, additional vocals
unnamed Afro-Cuban Lucumi priests: Lucumi percussion orchestra (1, 9)
unnamed Kwayazululand Zulu singers: vocals (2, 3, 6, ?)

Produced by Trevor Horn
Engineering: Gary Langan

String arrangements by Anne Dudley

1. Obatala (La Repubica Dominicina) [McLaren/Horn]
2. Buffalo Girls [McLaren/Dudley/Horn]
3. Double Dutch [McLaren/Horn]
4. El San Juanera [McLaren/Horn]
5. Merengue [McLaren/Horn]
6. Punk It Up (I'm a Sex Pistol Man, Oh Yeah) [McLaren/Horn]
7. Legba [McLaren/Horn]
8. Jive My Baby/She's Looking like a Hobo [McLaren/Horn]
9. Song for Chango [McLaren/Horn]
10. (Living on the Road in) Soweto [McLaren/Dudley]
11. World's Famous [McLaren/Horn]
12. Duck for the Oyster [McLaren/Horn]

The Supreme team links between (6) & (7) and (7) & (8) include "Catch the Beat" by T-Ski Valley and Brad Osborne.

Notes: (***)

This is the 1987 Virgin CD release of the 1983 album, complete with confusing liner notes. The CD is split into 12 tracks as above, but the track listing misses out "El San Juanera" completely and does not mention the inclusion of "She's Looking Like a Hobo" (also the b-side to the single release of "Double Dutch") at the end of "Jive My Baby". Both are short tracks mostly consisting of the World's Famous Supreme Team. The subtitle of "Obatala" is presumably missing an 'l': "La Republica Dominicina". "Jive My Baby" is also called "Jive My Baby Jive". On vinyl, side two began with "Legba". 
The Duck Rock album was built around prior single releases in 1983 and 1982 ("Buffalo Girls"). McLaren (former Sex Pistols manager) constructed the music around traditional performers, who go largely uncredited. Although the material is credited as written by McLaren and Horn, the liner notes reveal that at least (1, 3-6, 8a, 8b-10) are based on traditional pieces. The World's Famous Supreme Team were New York DJs and McLaren was one of the first to bring scratching to the general listening public's attention.Gary Langan also worked on 90125. I presume that 'Louis Jordan' is Luis Jardim (cf. Aura and numerous albums with Horn). (HP, 15 Sep 01)

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