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Album: English Garden
Artist: Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club
1979 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. [LP]
Rewind (Sony Music) [CD]
CD: 494978 2

Band members:
David Birch: guitar
Rod Johnson: drums
Matthew Seligman: bass
Bruce Woolley: vocals
Tom Dolby: keyboards

Produced by Mick Hurst
Engineered by Richard Goldblatt
Assistant engineer: Nick T. Froom

1. English Garden [Woolley]
2. Video Killed the Radio Star [Woolley/Horn/Downes]
3. Dancing with the Sporting Boys [Woolley]
4. Johnny [Woolley/Horn]
5. No Surrender [Woolley]
6. Flying Man [Woolley]
7. You Got Class [Woolley/Gent]
8. W.W.9. Instrumental [Woolley]
9. Clean/Clean [Woolley/Horn/Downes]
10. Get Away William [Woolley/Birch]
11. Goodbye to Yesterday [Woolley]
12. Goodbye to Yesterday - Reprise [Woolley]
13. You're the Circus (I'm the Clown) [Woolley/Adcock]

Notes: (***) Bruce Woolley was the 'third Buggle', but left before the band's first album, The Age of Plastic, was recorded to form his own outfit. Horn and Downes do not appear on this album, but the two songs written by them and Woolley were recorded both by The Buggles on The Age of Plastic and here. Horn (spelt 'Horne' in the liner notes) also co-wrote (4), which does not appear anywhere elsewhere.

The album is reminiscent of The Age of Plastic but with less of an electronic sound. The alternate versions of "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "Clean/Clean" are interesting, but I prefer the takes on The Age of Plastic. (HP, 26 Sep 01)

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