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Album: Esquire
Artist: Esquire
1987 Geffen
LP: GMS 24101 (UK)
CD: REMD00117 (US)

Band members:
Nikki Squire: vocals
Nigel McLaren: bass, backing vocals
Charles Olins: keyboards, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Chris Squire: backing vocals
Alan White: drums
Pat Thrall: guitar
Steve Topping: guitar
Eddie Golga: guitar
Jamie Lane: drums
Dinky: drums
Carmen Squire: backing vocals

Produced and arranged by Esquire, except (1) produced by Chris Squire and Esquire
Engineer: Dinky
Assistant engineers: Paul Roots, Nick Davis, Stuart Breed, Julie Last, Heff Moraes
Mix producer: Chris Squire
Mixed by Wallis, except (1) by Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson
Originally mastered by Bob Ludwig
Ringmaster: John David Kalodner

Album design concept: Nikki Squire
Additional art direction: Gabrielle Raumberger

1. To the Rescue [N. Squire/McLaren]
2. Sunshine [N. Squire/McLaren/Topping]
3. Knock Twice for Heaven [N. Squire/McLaren]
4. Up Down Turnaround [N. Squire/McLaren/Olins]
5. Blossomtime [N. Squire/McLaren/Olins]
6. Hourglass [N. Squire/McLaren]
7. Moving Together [N. Squire/McLaren/Olins]
8. Silent Future [N. Squire/McLaren]
9. Special Greetings [N. Squire/McLaren/Olins]
10. What You've Been Saying [N. Squire/Olins]

The CD issue had an alternate mix of "Sunshine" as track 2 and put the original version as track 11.

Notes: (***) Pretty good album as pop music goes. Chris' ex-wife's vocals can get on your nerves after a while, though. It's interesting to hear Chris and Alan play in a non-Yes environment. (MP)

Trevor Horn has been planned to produce the whole album, but was unavailable in the end. Nikki went on to various bits of session work for him. Carmen Squire is Nikki's daughter from before Chris (i.e. Chris' stepdaughter). Following Chris and Nikki's divorce, Esquire released a second album without the involvement of any Yes members, called Coming Home. (HP, 22 Sep 2001)

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