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Album: Everybody Up!
Artist: The Glam Metal Detectives
1995 ZTT Records Ltd.
CD: ZANG 62 CD 4509-99628-2
Cass: ZANG 62 C

Band members:
The Glam Metal Detectives are Gary Beadle, Phil Cornwell, Mark Caven, Doon Mackichan, Sara Stockbridge, George Yiasoumi

Produced by Trelvis Hornsley (a.k.a. Trevor Horn)
Engineered and mixed by Steve MacMillan (1, 3, 4), Steve Fitzmaurice (2)
Edited by Mike Higham (1, 3, 4)
Remixed by Ian Rich (4)
Assisted by Tim Wills (1, 3, 4), Tom Elmhirst (4), Ren Swan (4)

1. Everybody Up! [Creme/Creme/Horn/The Glam Metal Detectives] (2:42)
2. Crazy Horses [M. Osmond/A. Osmond/W. Osmond] (3:49)
3. Everybody Up! (Show Version) [Creme/Creme/Horn/The Glam Metal Detectives] (3:04)
4. Everybody Up! (Funk and Justice Mix) [Creme/Creme/Horn/The Glam Metal Detectives] (5:27)

Notes: The single for the album Glam Metal Detectives. The Glam Metal Detectives were recurring characters in a BBC TV comedy sketch show. The music was done by Horn (masquerading as 'Trelvis Hornsley'), Lol Creme and Lol Creme's son. Track 2 is a cover of the old Osmonds number. (HP, 15 Sep 01)

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