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Album: Gradually Going Tornado
Artist: Bruford
1980, E.G. Records

Band Members:
Bill Bruford - drums and cymbals
Dave Stewart - keyboards
Jeff Berlin - bass and lead vocals
The Unknown John Clark - guitar
Georgie Born - cello (on 2)
Barbara Gaskin - voices (on 8)
Amanda Parsons - voices (on 8)

Produced by Ron Malo and Bill Bruford

1. Age Of Information (Bruford/Stewart) (4:51)
2. Gothic 17 (Bruford/Stewart) (5:08)
3. Joe Frazier (Berlin) (4:45)
4. Q.E.D. (Bruford/Stewart) (7:50)
5. The Sliding Floor (Bruford/Stewart) (5:03)
6. Palewell Park (Bruford) (4:00)
7. Plans For J.D. (Bruford) (4:02)
8. Land's End (Stewart) (10:19)

Comments: This is the last album by the group which bore Bruford's name,
and it is, arguably, their weakest effort... which isn't really saying much.
The playing is as inspired as ever. The main detraction comes from Jeff
Berlin's lead vocals on four of the eight tracks. Still, Joe Frazier, Q.E.D.,
and Land's End are worth the price of admission alone. Soon after this
album, Bruford moved on to the re-formed King Crimson, renouncing all of
his solo efforts. (NOTE: On the original album, the title of Q.E.D. was
actually pronounced "The Square Root Of Q.E.D." The title was written
as "Q.E.D." underneath a square root sign.)
Thanks to John Sowalsky for providing this information.

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