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Album: GTR
Artist: GTR
1986 Arista
CD Germany: 258 980

Band Members:
Max Bacon- vocals
Steve Hackett- guitar, synthesizer and vocals
Steve Howe- guitar, synthesizer and vocals
Honathan Mover- drums and percussion
Phil Spalding- bass and vocals

Produced by Geoffrey Downes

1.  When The Heart Rules The Mind (Hackett/Howe) 05:29
2.  The Hunter (Downes) 04:58
3.  Here I Wait (Hackett/Howe) 04:57
4.  Sketches In The Sun (Howe) 02:33
5.  Jekyll and Hyde (Hackett/Howe/Bacon) 04:44
6.  You Can Still Get Through (Hackett/Howe) 04:58
7.  Reach Out (Never Say No) (Hackett/Howe/Spalding) 04:06
8.  Toe The Line (Hackett/Howe) 04:30
9.  Hackett To Bits (Hackett) 02:10
10.  Imagining (Hackett/Howe/Mover) 05:53

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