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Album: Guitar Player
Artist: Steve Howe
1989 KPM Music Ltd.

Band Member:
Steve Howe- Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars
???- Keyboards (could be Steve himself)
???- Drums

Produced by Steve Howe
Engineered by Roger Howorth (the same guy who engineered "Turbulence")

All titles composed by Steve Howe except track 15, Breakout USA, composed
by Steve Howe and Keith Hopkins

1. Outlawed [2:19] (Carefree guitar picking; same as Bareback in "Not
                    Necessarily Acoustic)
2. Night Trade (a) [3:12] (Powerful, dramatic rock theme)
3. Night Trade (b) [3:12] (Undescore)
4. Travellin' Man [2:52] (Rugged outdoors theme)
5. Welcome to Steve's Place (a) [2:26] (Hot jazz combo)
6. Welcome to Steve's Place (b) [0:33] (Intro - solo guitar)
7. Lowlife Baby [3:05] (Sleazy nightclub blues)
8. The Moment of Release (a) [3:44] (Board progression featuring expansive
                                     rock guitar)
9. The Moment of Release (b) [1:46] (Abridged underscore)
10. Spanish Heritage (a) [2:16] (Evoking an age of traditional elegance;
                                 same as Heritage in "Not Necessarily
11. Spanish Heritage (b) [2:16] (Solo guitar)
12. The Go-Between [3:33] (Romantic, nostalgic; same as I Wanna Learn in
13. Mule's Head Stomp [3:15] (Virtuoso guitar fun; same as Second Initial
in "Not Necessarily Acoustic")
14. On Wings of Gold [5:07] (Atomospheric opening to smooth, effortless
                             flight - rhythm section at 3:01)
15. Breakout USA [3:06] (Expansive rock guitar)
16. Secrets (a) [3:08] (Dark, mysterious theme)
17. Secrets (b) [1:07] (Abridged underscore - rhythm section)
18. Voyage of Discovery [3:20] (Powerful, driving theme)

Comments: The music is of similar style as "Turbulence". The music in
this CD is intended for use as production music for movies, TV, etc.

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