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Album: Industry Standard
Artist: The Dregs (a.k.a. The Dixie Dregs)
1982, Arista
LP: AL 9588

Band Members:
Steve Morse - guitars
Andy West - bass guitars
Rod Morgenstein - drums
T. Lavitz - keyboards
Mark O'Connor - violin
Patrick Simmons - vocals (on 6)
Steve Howe - guitar (on 5)
Alex Ligertwood - vocals (on 2)

Produced by Eddie Offord and Steve Morse

All tracks written by Steve Morse, except where noted below.

1. Assembly Line (4:22)
2. Crank It Up (lyrics by The Dregs) (3:32)
3. Chips Ahoy (3:39)
4. Bloodsucking Leeches (3:56)
5. Up In The Air (2:25)
6. Ridin' High (lyrics by Patrick Simmons) (3:38)
7. Where's Dixie? (3:54)
8. Conversation Piece (6:10)
9. Vitamin Q (5:32)

Comments: Anyone who is a fan of Steve Howe will appreciate the music
of Steve Morse and The (Dixie) Dregs. Two points of note:
A) This was the last Dregs album before they disbanded for some
six years; and B) This is the only Dregs album to feature

Thanks to John Sowalsky for providing this information.

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