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King Crimson- Lizard
Album: Lizard
Artist: King Crimson
1970 EG

Band Members:
Mel Collins- flute, sax
Robert Fripp- guitar, mellotron, electric keyboards and devices
Gordon Haskell- bass, vocals
Andy McCulloch- drums
Peter Sinfield- words

Additional Musicians:
Jon Anderson- vocals (5a)
Mark Charig- coronet
Nick Evans- trombone
Robin Miller- obboe and cor anglais
Keith Tippet- piano and electric piano
Produced and Written by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield

1.  Cirkus including Entry of the Chameleons  06:28
2.  Indoor Games  05:39
3.  Happy Family  04:24
4.  Lady Of The Dancing Water  02:45
5.  Lizard  23:22
    a. Prince Rupert Awakes
    b. Bolero- The Peacock's Tale
    c. The Battle Of Glass Tears including
        i.   Dawn Song
        ii.  Last Skirmish
        iii. Prince Rupert's Lament
    d. Big Top

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