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Alan White- Ramshackled
Album: Ramshackled
Artist: Alan White
1976 Atlantic
CD: AMCY-19 [Japan]

Band members:
Alan White: drums, percussion
Peter Kirtley: guitars, vocals
Colin Gibson: bass, percussion
Kenny Craddock: keyboards, vocals
Alan Marshall: vocals
Bud Beadle: solo sax, flute
Andy Phillips: steel drum
Steve Gregory: added tenor sax, flute
Henry Lowther: trumpet
Madeleine Bell: backing vocals
Joanne Williams: backing vocals
Vicky Brown: backing vocals

Mountain Fjord Limited arranged and conducted by David Bedford

Additional musicians:
Jon Anderson: vocals (4)
Steve Howe: guitar (4)

Produced and engineered by Alan White and Bob Potter
Recorded at the Manor Studios, Shipton-on-Cherwell, except (2, 3) at Basing Street Studios
Second engineer: Paul Hardiman
Co-ordination: Nu Nu

Sleeve concept & design Ian Vincentini
Fine art Henry S. Hodgson
Poem by Tom Pickard

1. Ooooh Baby (Goin' to Pieces) [Kirtley]
2. One Way Rag [Craddock/Gibson]
3. Avakak [Gibson/Craddock/Kirtley]
4. Spring—Song of Innocence [lyr: William Blake; mus: Kirtley]
5. Giddy [Craddock/Gibson]
6. Silly Woman [Kirtley]
7. Marching into a Bottle [Craddock]
8. Everybody [Gibson/Craddock/Kirtley]
9. Darkness (Parts I, II & III) [Craddock/Gibson]

Notes: (****) The two instrumentals come with notes on the album. For "Avakak":

This tune sometimes called "Twelve Ways to Drink Meths" other times called "That's Not the Way God Planned It" but most days goes by the name "Captain Morbid And the Breakfast That Came From Outer London".
For "Marching into a Bottle":
(The former title "Darch Of The Lesbian Mwarfs")
(4) is a setting of a William Blake poem and features guest appearances by Anderson and Howe.

In 1975/6, all five members of Yes put out solo albums. For his, instead of recording a true solo album, White re-assembled former band mates in a number of projects to make the album. Kirtley, Craddock and White had been together in the Alan Price Set and Happy Magazine, while Gibson had joined them as well in Griffin (see under The Story of Skip Bifferty). Gibson and Beadle also appeared on Steve Howe's Beginnings. Orchestral arranger David Bedford is better known for his work with Mike Oldfield and Kevin Ayers. (HP, 12 May 03)

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