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Album: Self-Contained
Artist: Peter Banks
1995, One Way Records, Inc.
CD: OW 30339

Band Members:
Peter Banks - all instruments (except as indicated below)
Gerald Goff - keyboards (4)

Produced & arranged by Peter Banks

All pieces composed by Peter Banks except 4 (Banks/Goff)

 1. Radio Foreplay
 2. Endless Journey
 3. More Foreplay
 4. Massive Trouser Clearance
 5. Lost Days
 6. Away Days
 7. Two Sides
 8. Self-Contained
 9. Clues
10. The Three Realms
11. Tell Me When
12. Funkin' Profundity

It's All Greek To Me:
13. The Great Dionysia
14. Erotokritos
15. Less Talk
16. Oriental Bent
17. In An Idyll Moment
18. Unatural History
19. Greekspeak
20. The Great Stifado

21. Thinking Of You

Comments: In many ways similar to his '94 album Instinct. This album is
also all instrumental.
Thanks to John Sowalsky for providing this information.

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