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The Bruford Tapes
Title: The Bruford Tapes
Artist: Bruford
1979, Editions E.G.

Band Members:
Bill Bruford - drums, percussion, electric chat
Dave Stewart - electric keyboards
Jeff Berlin - electric bass
The 'Unknown' John Clark - electric guitar

Producer: very strange, but no producer is listed!?!

1. Hell's Bells (Stewart/Gowen) (4:02)
2. Sample And Hold (Bruford/Stewart) (6:18)
3. Fainting In Coils (Bruford) (6:34)
4. Travels With Myself - And Someone Else (Bruford) (4:37)
5. Beelzebub (Bruford) (3:28)
6. The Sahara Of Snow (Part One) (Bruford) (4:46)
7. The Sahara Of Snow (Part Two) (Bruford/Jobson) (3:07)
8. One Of A Kind (Part Two) (Bruford/Stewart) (8:06)
9. 5g (Berlin/Stewart/Bruford) (2:39)

Comments: "Music from 'Feels Good To Me' and 'One Of A Kind' re-shuffled, improvised on, and broadcast live from 'My Father's 
Place,' Roslyn, New York on WLIR - FM 92.7 - July 12, 1979."

This album was intentionally packaged to look like a bootleg; in fact, the
original vinyl release bore the catalog number BRUBOOT 28. This album
also introduced John Clark as Alan Holdsworth's replacement. Another
high-scoring effort for Bruford.
Thanks to John Sowalsky for providing this information.

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