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Steve Howe- The Grand Scheme Of Things

Album: The Grand Scheme Of Things
Artist: Steve Howe
1993 Relativity
CD: 88561-1163-2

Band Members:
Steve Howe- guitars, vocals, bass, mandolin, koto, flute, keyboards, percussion
Nick Beggs- bass, stick
Dylan Howe- drums, percussion
Keith West- harmonica, vocals
Virgil Howe- keyboards, piano
Anna Palm- violin, vocals

Produced by Steve Howe

1.  The Grand Scheme Of Things (Howe) 05:11
2.  Desire Comes First (Howe)  03:38
3.  Blinded By Science (Howe)  03:29
4.  Beautiful Ideas (Howe) 04:01
5.  The Valley of Rocks (Howe) 03:08
6.  At The Gates Of The New World (Howe) 03:58
7.  Wayward Course (Howe) 04:15
8.  Reaching The Point (Howe/West) 03:52
9.  Common Ground (V. Howe/S. Howe) 02:17
10.  Luck Of The Draw (Howe) 01:42
11.  The Fall Of Civilization (J. Howe/S. Howe/West) 04:07
12.  Passing Phase (Howe) 03:28
13.  Georgia's Theme (Howe) 02:44
14.  Too Much Is Taken And Not Enough Given (Howe) 05:35
15.  Maiden Voyage (Howe) 04:24
16.  Road To One's Self (Howe) 02:40

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