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Toto- The Seventh One

Album: The Seventh One
Artist: Toto 
1988 Columbia
CD: CK 40873 (US); CBS 460645 2 (Europe)

Band Members:
Steve Lukather: guitar, vocals (lead on 3, 10)
David Paich: keyboards, vocals (lead on 11), strings conductor (9, 10)
Jeff Porcaro: drums, percussion
Mike Porcaro: bass
Joseph Williams: vocals (lead on 1, 2, 4-9, 11)

Steve Porcaro: synthesizers, programming

Additional Musicians:
Tom Kelly: background vocals (1, 8)
Patti Austin: background vocals (2, 5, 7)
Lenny Castro: additional percussion (2)
Jim Keltner: additional percussion (2)
Marty Paich: strings conductor (3, 11)
Joe Porcaro: additional percussion (3, 5), vibes (10)
Michael Fisher: additional percussion (3, 4)
Jon Anderson: background vocals (4)
Bill Payne: additional keyboards (4)
Andy Narell: steel drums (5)
Jim Horn: recorders (5), flute (5), sax (7)
Linda Ronstadt: background vocals (6)
David Lindley: lap steel (6)

Toto Horns: Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley,
James Pankow, Gary Grant, Gary Herbig

Arranged by Toto, except (9) by Mark T. Williams & Toto
Horns arranged by Tom Scott (1, 4, 10); Jerry Hey & David Paich (2)
Strings arranged by Marty Paich, David Paich & James Newton Howard (3); David Paich (9-11)

Produced by George Massenburg, Bill Payne & Toto
Additional engineering: Sharon Rice, John Jessel, Steve Porcaro

1.  Pamela (Paich/J. Williams) 5:11
2.  You Got Me (Paich/J. Williams) 3:12
3.  Anna (Lukather/Goodrum) 4:56
4.  Stop Loving You (Lukather/Paich) 4:30
5.  Mushanga (Paich/J. Porcaro) 5:36
6.  Stay Away (Paich/Lukather) 5:29
7.  Straight For The Heart (Paich/J. Williams) 4:12
8.  Only The Children (Paich/Lukather/J. Williams) 4:11
9.  A Thousand Years (J. Williams/M. Williams/Paich) 4:53
10.  These Chains (Lukather/Goodrum) 5:00
11.  Home Of The Brave (Paich/Lukather/Webb/J. Williams) 6:48

Comments: Typical Toto style, substandard Toto quality. "Stop
Loving You" is one of the better songs, but I can barely make
out Anderson's vocal contributions. Also includes a song co-
written by World Trade's Mark T. Williams. (HP, 22 Apr 01)
Toto- Past To Present

Album: Past To Present 1977-1990
Artist: Toto 
1990 Columbia
CD: CK 45368

1.  Love Has The Power  06:33
2.  Africa  04:58
3.  Hold The Line  03:56
4.  Out Of Love  05:55
5.  Georgy Porgy  04:09
6.  I'll Be Over You  03:50
7.  Can You Hear What I'm Saying  04:46
8.  Rosanna  05:34
9.  I Wont Hold You Back Now  04:59
10.  Stop Loving You  04:29
11.  99  05:14
12.  Pamela  05:11
13.  Animal  05:02

Comments: (****) Jon Anderson appears on the track "Stop Loving You" .
He has sort of a backing vocals solo in the middle section. As a whole
_The Seventh One_ is one of the most progressive albums Toto has
made in recent years, especially the final song "Home Of The Brave."
_Past To Present_ is a compilation album, and a long with the "Stop
Loving You" has all the eighties hits that Toto has made. It's not
surprising that Jon was asked to help out (note that Toto members
appear on Jon's _In The City Of Angels_ which were both made around
the same time) since toto has cited Yes as one of thier early influences. (MP) 

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