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King Crimson- Three Of A Perfect Pair
Album: Three Of A Perfect Pair
Artist: King Crimson
1984 EG

Band Members:
Adrian Belew- guitar, vocals
Bill Bruford- acoustic and electric percussion
Robert Fripp- guitar
Tony Levin- bass, stick, synth, vocals

Produced by King Crimson
Music by King Crimson; Lyrics by Adrian Belew

1.  Three Of A Perfect Pair  04:12
2.  Model Man  03:49
3.  Sleepless  05:21
4.  Man With An Open Heart  03:03
5.  Nuages (That Which passes, Passes Like Clouds)  04:47
6.  Industry  07:05
7.  Dig Me  03:17
8.  No Warning  03:29
9.  Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part III  06:07

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