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Jon Anderson- Toltec

Album: Toltec
Artist: Jon Anderson
1996 High Street
CD: 72902 10346-2

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals

Additional Musicians:
Keith Heffner- keyboards, orchestration
Luis Perez- percussion
Eduardo del Signore- bass
Freddy Ramos- guitars
Otmaro Ruiz- solo keyboards
Charles Bisharet- violin
Patricia Hood- harp
Paul Haney- sax
Salo Loyo- keyboards on 13
Deborah Anderson- harmonic vocals
Nina Swan- vocals
Maria E Del Ray- vocals
Daniel Navarro- vocals
David Eric Lowen- vocals

Produced by Jon Anderson
All tracks written by Jon Anderson except where noted.

Part I
 1. The Book Opens (4:59)
 2. Quick Words (Talk- Talk)  (Anderson/Perez) (2:54)
 3. Shall We Play The Game (3:45)
 4. Semati Siyonpme (3:16)

Part II 
 5. Good Day Morning (2:02)
 6. Leap Into The Inconceivable (3:53)
 7. Song Of Home (1:11)
 8. Building Bridges (Anderson/del Signore) (5:55)
 9. Sound And Color (4:01)
10. Longwalker Speaks (2:48)

Part III
11. Maazo Maazo (1:23) 
12. Enter Ye The Mystery School (7:54)
13. Ave Verum (Mozart) (3:08)

Comments: The Power Of Silence has finally seen it's commercial
release and it's well worth the wait. This album is essentially "The
Power Of Silence" with some tasteful additions here and there.
(Although the Indian narrator is pretty annoying in a few places)
All in all, this is a must get for any Jon fan! (*****)

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