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Album: Tomorrow
Artist: Tomorrow
Original recording 1968, reissue as CD 1991
EMI CD: TOCP-6799 [Japan]

Band Members:
Steve Howe: electric & acoustic guitars
Keith West: vocals
Junior Wood: bass
Twink Alder: drums

1. My White Bicycle (Hopkins-Burgess) [3:16]
2. Colonel Brown (Hopkins-Burgess) [2:51]
3. Real Life Permanent Dream (Hopkins) [3:15]
4. Shy Boy (Hopkins-Burgess) [2:25]
5. Clarmount Lake (Hopkins-Burgess) [3:00]
6. Revolution (Hopkins-Howe) [3:48]
7. The Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase (Hopkins) [3:16]
8. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop (Hopkins-Burgess) [2:43]
9. Strawberry Fields Forever (Lennon-McCartney) [3:57]
10. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs (Hopkins-Burgess) [2:25]
11. Now The Time Has Come (Hopkins) [4:50]
12. Hallucinations (Hopkins-Burgess) [2:37]

Notes: Keith West (Hopkins' stage name) and Tomorrow had previously been working with Mark Wirtz on his A Teenage Opera project and Wirtz is reported to have contributed to Tomorrow, producing, arranging and playing keyboards. (thanks to Eddie Lee for information; additional notes HP, 30 Sep 01)

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