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Album: UK
Artist: UK
1978 E.G.

Band Members:
Bill Bruford - kit drums and percussion
Allan Holdsworth - guitars
John Wetton - bass and vocals
Eddie Jobson - keyboards, electric violin and electronics

Produced by Mike Stone

In the Dead of Night (5:38)
By the Light of Day (4:32)
Presto Vivace and Reprise (2:58)    
Thirty Years (8:09)
Alaska (4:45)
Time To Kill (4:55)
Nevermore (8:09)
Mental Medication (7:31)

Comments: Really a King Crimson offshoot band, UK's first album is not
as gloomy or dark as the mid seventies Crimson albums. Jobson's fast 
paced keys and electric violin may be what was missing from the mid
seventies Crimson, although sometimes they may be too much.
Thankfully, Bill Bruford was still using a real drum kit and not that electric
stuff at this point and his drumming is as good as ever. (***)

Reviewed by Matt Putzel
Thanks to Francois Angers for providing this information

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