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Artist: Trevor Rabin
Title: Wolf
1981 Chrysalis / CD re-release: One Way Records
??: ZCHR 1293
CD: OW 33660

drums: Simon Phillips
bass: Jack Bruce, Trevor Rabin, Mo Foster
keyboards: Trevor Rabin, Manfred Mann, Rabbitt
guitars: Trevor Rabin
vocals: Trevor Rabin
additional vocals: Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Noel McCalla

Produced by Trevor Rabin
Associate producer: Ray Davies
Recorded at Konk Studios London
Engineer: Benedict Tobias Fenner

1 Open Ended
2 Heard You Cry Wolf
3 Do Ya Do Ya Want Me
4 Stop Turn
5 Lost in Love
6 Looking for a Lady - (Wolfman)
7 Pain
8 Take Me to a Party
9 She's Easy
10 Long Island

Composed and arranged by Rabin

Notes: (*****) An all-star cast here with Manfred Mann, Cream's Jack Bruce and The Kinks' Ray Davies among those involved. Rabin and Bruce considered doing a project together afterwards, but Rabin joined Cinema, latterly Yes, instead. (Don J. Thorpe/MP/HP, 6 Apr 03)

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