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Album: World Diary
Artist: Tony Levin
1995 Papa Bear Records
CD US: Mail order only

Band Members:
Tony Levin- stick, bass, vocals
Shankar- double violin, vocal (1)
Ayub Ogada- nyatiti, vocal (2, 8)
Brian Yamakoshi- koto (3, 12)
Jerry Marotta- taos drums (3, 11)
Bendik- sax (4, 11)
Bill Bruford- electric percussion (5, 9)
Nexus- percussion ensemble (6)
Levon Minassian- doudouk (7, 10)
Manu Katche- drums (10)

Produced by Tony Levin

1.  Chasms (Shankar/Levin) 05:21
2.  The Train (Ogada/Levin) 04:44
3.  We Stand In Sapphire Silence (Yamakoshi/Levin) 05:45
4.  Smoke (Bendik/Levin) 00:49
5.  Etude In The Key Of Guildford (Bruford/Levin) 03:13
6.  Espresso and the Bed of Nails (Nexus/Levin) 04:46
7.  Mingled Roots (Minassian/Levin)) 03:49
8.  Nyatiti (Ogada/Levin) 04:19
9.  Jewels (Bruford/Levin) 03:48
10.  La Tristesse Amoureuse De La Nuit (Minassian/Katche/Levin) 04:58
11.  Heat (Nexus/Levin) 06:33
12.  I Cry To The Dolphined Sea (Bendik/Levin) 05:41
13.  The Sound Of Goodbye (Yamakoshi/Levin) 03:14

Comments: This is Tony's first solo album and was recorded in studios
and hotel rooms around the world. Much of it spur of the moment jams
and all of it is instrumental. Theres a lot of ethnic music on it, provided by
the wide variety of musicians who accompany Tony on this album. Of 
note to Yes fans, is the track titled "Jewels" which is a reworked
longer form of "Evensong" from _Union_. (***)

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