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Album: YesSymphonic
Artist: Yes
2001 Yes LLC
CD: YES-78204-2

Band members:
Jon Anderson: lead vocals, MIDI guitar, acoustic guitar
Steve Howe: acoustic and electric guitars, steel, mandolin, vocals
Chris Squire: bass guitars, vocals
Alan White: drums, percussion, vocals, piano

Conductor: Larry Groupé

Produced by Yes and Tim Weidner
Engineered by Tim Weidner, Biff Dawes (3)
Orchestra recorded by Charlie Bouis and Le Mobile
(3) recorded by Westwood One Entertainment

Artwork, design and CG models: Bob Cesca
Production art: Susan McEowen

1. In the Presence Of [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White] (10:23)
    i) Deeper
    ii) Death of Ego
    iii) True Beginner
    iv) Turn Around and Remember
2. Don't Go [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White] (4:30)
3. Long Distance Runaround [Anderson] (3:50)

Orchestral music composed and arranged by Larry Groupé
Orchestrations: Larry Groupé, Bruce Donnelly, Frank Macchia
Copyist: Larry Czoka

Notes: This EP was only available at later shows on the North American leg of the Yessymphonic tour. The first two tracks were previews from Magnification, while the last track is only otherwise to be found as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Magnification. The back cover declares that the album will be out on 11 Sep, but it was subsequently delayed until Dec. The EP has HDCD encoding.

"Long Distance Runaround" is a 1997 live version, seemingly from the 9 Dec San Diego show, which has had an orchestra added and been otherwise processed. Igor Khoroshev, keyboardist on the 1997 tour, has been mixed out. (HP, 15 Sep 01)

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