Album: Black Knights at the Court of Ferinand IV
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1989(?) Ambient Music

Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
Mario Fasciano: drums, percussion, and vocals
David Sumner: guitars
Compositions by: G. Castiglia, M. Fasciano, and R. Wakeman

Produced by Mario Fasciano

E Vuje (5:07)
Favola (6:03)
Umberto II (3:39)
Umbe (3:09)
Tommaso Aniello (4:52)
Fradiovolo (4:50)
Fanfarie (4:59)
'O Bilancio (3:10)

Comments: Precious little information is included, other than it was 
"recorded in Naples and Mixed in Rome in 1989". Tracks 3 and 7 ar nice 
instrumentals, but the rest is sung in Italian. I would not recommend 
this to someone looking for "typical" Wakeman, which doesn't mean that 
it's BAD, but quite different.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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