Album: CG3+2
Artist: California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto
2002 InsideOut
CD: IOMCD107 - IOMAC 2043

Band members:
Bert Lams: guitar, tenor guitar
Paul Richards: guitar, slide guitar
Hideyo Moriya: guitar, mando-cello
Tony Levin: bass, Chapman stick
Pat Mastelotto: traps and buttons

Produced by Bill Munyon & Pat Mastelotto with the CGT and Tony Levin
Recorded at Wire, Austin TX, 2-5 Sep 2001
Engineering by Bill Munyon, assisted by Todd Dillon
Additional mixing and assistance: Paul Richards, Bert Lams
Mastered by David Singleton, Alex Mundy; additional mastering by Jim Wilson

Art direction and design by Ioannis, Alan Chappell
Digital paintings & photography: Ioannis
Band photos by Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto

1. Melrose Avenue [Moriya/Lams/Richards] (2:18)
2. Skyline [Richards/Lams/Moriya] (4:41)
3. Dancing Ann [Moriya] (3:38)
4. Heart of the Sunrise [Anderson/Squire/Bruford, arr. Moriya] (7:16)
5. Hanagasa [Japanese traditional, arr. Moriya] (3:32)
6. Zundoko-Bushi [Japanese traditional, arr. Moriya, with excerpts of "21st Century Schizoid Man" by Fripp/McDonald/Lake/Giles/Sinfield] (3:37)
7. Blockhead [Richards/Lams/Moriya] (3:47)
8. Dance of Maya [McLaughlin, arr. CGT] (7:12)
9. Swampy Space [Richards/Lams/Moriya/Levin/Mastelotto/Munyon] (3:40)
10. Swampy Return [Richards/Lams/Moriya/Levin/Mastelotto/Munyon] (2:10)
11. Train to Lamy [Moriya/Lams/Richards] (5:11)
12. Eve [Richards/Lams/Moriya] (4:11)
13. What I Am [Moriya/Lams/Richards/Levin/Mastelotto/Munyon] (6:29)
14. The Chase [Moriya/Lams/Richards/Levin/Mastelotto/Munyon] (7:36)

Notes: (****) The California Guitar Trio were all once students of Robert Fripp's and have a long association with King Crimson and Tony Levin, for example guesting on Levin's Pieces of the Sun. Levin had toured before with the CGT when he and Mastelotto joined them to make this CG3+2 quintet for touring in 2001. After touring (and a live album, Live at the Key Club), they went into the studio and made this. (The initial plan had been for a tour and album had been with Terry Bozzio rather than Mastelotto on drums, but Bozzio dropped out shortly before touring began.)

Release was originally planned on Discipline Global Mobile, but cutbacks at DGM meant CG3+2 emerged on InsideOut.

CGT's Paul Richards described the album as "very different from any previously released CGT studio album. It features more of the electric/improvisational style of the CGT and has some amazing playing by Pat and Tony." "Heart of the Sunrise", "Dance of Maya", "Eve", "Melrose Avenue", "Zundoko-Bushi" and "Train to Lamy" were all heard on that earlier touring, while tracks (9), (10), (13) and (14) represent the sort of improvisation that had been going on. Pieces like "Melrose Avenue", "Blockhead", "Eve" and the cover of "Dance of Maya" date back further still. The cover of "Heart of the Sunrise" (which, of course, Levin played while in ABWH) is very nice: Howe's, Wakeman's and even many of Anderson's parts are covered by the CGT on guitars, while Levin and Mastelotto add their own flavours to the rhythm section. (HP, 19 Jun 03)

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