Album: Colin Scot
Artist: Colin Scot
Catalog Number: IMP 1009
UK/1971 UA
UAG 29154)
1971 United Artists Records, LTD.
Manufactured By Visa Records
Distributed by JEM Records, Inc., South Plainfield, N.J. 07080, Reseda,
California 91335

Band Members:

Van Der Hammill
Steve Gold - Bird
P.C. Genesis
P. Angel Gabriel
Anne Tudor (On Top C)
Jane Relf (Heavy)
Jon Anderson (Dr. Yes)

Bob Fripp
Brinsley Schwartz
My Wee Davy

Riddle - One Who Works Hands In Clay, Head In Smoke, and Fingers on
Beautiful Strings....

Dave K. - Thanks for the Sunday joint
Bob Andrews - "Smiley"
Rick "Broken Toes" Wakeman

Brum Thunder Evans
Billy Rankin

Prof. Jaxon

Tan Tan Thornton

String Arrangements:
Richard Hewson

Produced by John Anthony

Side One
1. Do The Dance Now, Davey. (Martin Hall) (5:24)
2. My Rain (Colin Thistlethwaite) (3:04)
3. Take Me Away (Colin Thistlethwaite) (3:18)
4. Confusion (Colin Thistlethwaite) (2:48)
5. When The Baby In My Lady Gets The Blues (Mike Newbury) (4:05)
6. Lead Us (Neil Innes) (4:18)
Side Two
1. You're Bound To Leave Me Now (Martin Hall) (4:30)
2. The Boatman (Davy Johnstone) (3:00)
3. Nite People (Colin Thistlethwaite) (4:10)
4. Hey! Sandy (Harvey Andrews) (4:04)
5. Here We Are In Progress (Martin Hall) (4:25)

I have not listened to this album in quite some time.  I remember
hearing Jon Anderson singing background vocals on one track.  The
credits include a lot of nicknames for the various musicians on this
album and are scattered all over the album sleeve along with excerpts of
newspaper articles written about Colin Scot.  Jon Anderson is referred
to as John Anderson (Dr. Yes).  It appears this album also included
Peter Gabriel, maybe Phil Collins (P.C. Genesis?), Rick Wakeman (Where
does the "Broken Toes" nickname come from?), Davy Johnstone (My Wee
Davy?) (Elton John's Guitarist) and Robert Fripp.  The album doesn't
list what songs the individual musicians played on.

Thanks to Steve Notoya and  Bob Don for providing this information.

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