Album: Cost of Living
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1983 Charisma LP
CAS 1163
CD reissue with different cover
1994 Griffin Music GCD WR-159-2

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Hereward Kaye: vocals
Robert Powell: narration, last track only
Tony Fernandez: drums and percussion
John Gustafson: bass
Jackie McAuley: guitars
Tim Rice: lyrics
Thomas Gray: words to "Elegy"

Produced by Rick Wakeman

Twij (1:20)
Pandamonia (3:59) (Wakeman/Rice)
Gone but not Forgotten (3:43)
One for the Road (4:44) (Wakeman/Rice)
Bedtime Stories (4:24)
Happening Man (3:36) (Wakeman/Rice)
Shakespeare Run (3:27)
Monkey Nuts (3:27) (Wakeman/Rice)
Elegy - Written in a Country Churchyard (8:24) (Wakeman/Gray)

Comments: CD book includes lyrics which were not included in my copy of the LP. Musically, ... Well, if you can't say anything nice... Worthless trivia for the under 40 crowd: John Gustafson played on the original "Jesus Christ Superstar" album for which Tim Rice wrote words, collaborating with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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