Rick Wakeman- Criminal Record

Album: Criminal Record
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1977 A&M Records
LP A&M SP4660
CD Canyon Records Japan: D32Y3127

Band members:
Rick Wakeman: piano (all), Mini-Moog (1-3, 5, 6), Poly Moog (1-3, 5), Hammond C3 Organ (1), Birotron (1, 2, 5), Mander Pipe Organ (1, 2, 6), RMI Computer Keyboard (1), harpsichord (1, 2), Fender Rhodes (2), Horner Clavinet (2), Baldwin Electric Harpsichord (5), church organ (6)
Frank Ricotti: percussion (1-3, 5)
Alan White: drums (1-3)
Chris Squire: bass (1-3)
Bill Oddie: vocals (5)

Choir: Ars Laeta of Lausanne, Switzerland (6)
conducted by Robert Mernoud
Sopranos: Sylviane Savez, Christine Riesen, Claudine Mange, Francoise Cardinaux, Elaine Henchoz, Claudine Corbaz, Claire-Lisa Valet, Anne Catherine Noinat, Danielle Meystre, Annette Fonjallaz, Lise Dutray, Marlyse Paschoud, Fancoise Cottet
Altos: Janine Isaaz, Elisabeth Pahud, Nicole Metraus, Mary Lise Perey, Josianne Henn, Jainine Pradervand, Marlyse Berney, Francoise Wannaz, Christiane Durel, Anne Claude, Pierre Humbert, Christine Freholz, Liliane DeBerville
Tenors: Claude Alain Van Buren, Adre Borboen, Charles Moinat, Rene Monachon, Jean Maurice Juvet, Francoise Emery, Raphael Bugnon, Bernard Dutruy, Daniel Borgeaud
Basses: Pierre Tharin, Yves Lambercy, Jean-Michel Favez, Samuel Chetrit, Claude Alain Morasini, Rolandi Demiville, George Caille, Piere Alain Favez

Produced by Rick Wakeman

1. Statute of Justice (6:20)
2. Crime of Passion (5:46)
3. Chamber of Horrors (6:40)
4. Birdman of Alcatraz (4:12)
5. The Breathalyser (3:51)
6. Judas Iscariot (12:15)

Notes: Probably one of his top five albums and one of my most favorites due to the following: a) use of piano; b) only one vocal (Bill Oddie is a comedian over there; played "Uncle Ernie" in the first live orchestrated "Tommy"); c) very melodic, as opposed to a lot of noodling around on a chord. Alan White and Chris Squire's presence doesn't hurt, either. I am at a loss as to why this has not been reissued on CD [beyond a limited edition release in JapanHP]. The inner sleeve includes little blurbs about each of the song titles. (MP, with thanks to Gregory Lee Predmore)

Side A (the first three tracks with Squire and White) were recorded in an unusual fashion. Instead of having the rhythm section record their parts first and Wakeman then record his lead keyboard parts over the top, Wakeman recorded his keyboard parts first and then handed the tapes over to Squire and White to lay down whatever parts they wished. Squire and White did so, recording their parts separately too, although in co-operation to some degree. As White relates it, he recorded the drum parts too, then handed the tapes over to Squire, with some minimal subsequent recording by Wakeman. (HP, 14 Feb 2004)

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