Album: Cyberian Khatru: The Sounds of
Artist: various artists
CD: amycd001-2

Audio compilation producers: Len Richards & Timothy Martin
Album executive producer: Robert G. Seeberger
Associate producers: Henry Potts & John Thelin

Front cover artwork: Bob Cesca, logo & borders by John Thelin
All other artwork: John Thelin, diamond logo & parody by Mark Fortman

Detailed track info at

Disc one:
1. Len Richards: Begin Round About Here (0:54)
2. The Prodigal Sounds: Listen (11:48)
3. Dark Sky: Center Core Nevermore (3:50)
4. Timothy Martin: Pavan (7:51)
5. Dennis Hoffman: Altered States (5:26)
6. John Goodall: Dr Zaius (4:04)
7. Synergy Quartet: Prowl (4:12)
8. Matthew Piaker: The End the Beginning (9:27)
9. Paul Goodwin Band: High School Sweetheart (4:04)
10. Alex Van Starrex: Driven (3:11)
11. Christopher Oberst: Gila (3:42)
12. Miguel Falçao: New Pictures (3:48)
13. Trecento: Vegas Blue (4:37)
14. Dark Sky: Greencastle (6:33)

Disc two:
15. Len Richards: Harmonia (Short Edit) (2:12)
16. Ellsworth Hall: The Path Yrbesque (7:07)
17. Trecento: Shadows Against Heaven (5:30)
18. Christopher Oberst: Passing Years (5:02)
19. Alex Van Starrex: Ditto (3:26)
20. Synergy Quartet: Change of Plans (4:45)
21. Dennis Hoffman: Burn Bright (4:08)
22. Matthew Piaker: The Angel on the Waterfall (7:43)
23. The Prodigal Sounds: Painting Abstracts (6:10)
24. The Naming: Sun King (7:55)
25. Paul Goodwin Band: The Wrong Crowd (3:24)
26. Ellsworth Hall: Yrbesque Less Travelled (1:22)
27. Karl Haberl: Fragile Shadows Suite (10:55)
28. Joff Linsdell + Len Richards: Farewell from the Isles (1:40)

Notes: This is not a tribute album to Yes, but a tribute to how Yes has inspired new generations of musicians to find their own creativity. Or so it says in the liner notes, which I wrote, so I guess they're right. Cyberian Khatru is a compilation of tracks by musicians on, the Yes Usenet newsgroup. Just as Yes have had diverse influences, so music influenced in some way by Yes is diverse too. There aren't any covers of Yes songs, but the occasional quote sneaked in.

The cover, by Magnification artist Bob Cesca, was done for the In a Word box set, but was not needed when Roger Dean was brought in on that project. Cesca kindly donated it to us. (HP, 7 Nov 02)

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