Album: Heritage Suite
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1993 President Records

Produced by Rick Wakeman
Bandmember: Rick Wakeman: solo piano

The Chasms (2:43)
Thorwald's Cross (5:15)
St. Michael's Isle (4:27)
Spanish Head (4:59)
The Ayres (4:50)
Mona's Isle (4:22)
The Dhoon (5:05)
The Bee Orchid (3:11)
Chapel Hill (4:11)
The Curraghs (4:00)
The Painted Lady (2:53)
The Peregrine Falcon (2:40)

Comments: Pleasant piano interpretations of the heritage of the Isle 
of Man, Rick's home. Nice color photographs and descriptions of the 
places and wildlife are included in the booklet for each title. While 
it is quite nice, overall, I've heard better recorded pianos on his 
releases before

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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