Album: Lisztomania
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1975 A&M Records

The Soundtrack Album of the Ken Russell Film

Music Produced and Arranged by Rick Wakeman

Featuring Songs & Performances by Roger Daltrey & Rick Wakeman
Film Starring
Roger Daltrey

Also Starring
Sara Kestelman, Paul Nicholas and Fiona Lewis
Guest Stars
Ringo Starr, Rick Wakeman

All selections arranged & adapted by Rick Wakeman

Album Executive Producers:
Brian Lane & Bill Curbishley
Liszt Piano Music Performed by David Wilde

Musical Contribution from:
The English Rock Ensemble
Jeffrey Crampton:
Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Roger Newell: Bass Guitar
Barney James: Drums
John Hodson: Percussion

The National Philharmonic Orchestra

Recorded with the Island Mobile/RAK Mobile.
Mixed at Island Studios & Olympic Studios, London.
A Goodtimes Enterprises Production
From Warner Bros.
A Warner Communications Company

Featuring Songs&Performances by Roger Daltrey&Rick Wakeman.
Film written & directed by Ken Russell
Executive Producer: Sandy Lieberson
Produced by David Puttnam and Roy Baird
Roger Daltrey appears courtesy of Track Records and MCA Records
Linda Lewis appears courtesy of Arista Records

Produced by Rick Wakeman

1. Rienzi/Chopsticks Fantasia (Wagner/Liszt,arr.R.Wakeman)  4:20
2. Love's Dream (Liszt, arr.R.Wakeman) 4:25
3. Dante Period (Liszt, arr.R.Wakeman) 2:05
4. Orpheus Song (Liszt, lyrics Benson-Daltrey, arr.R.Wakeman) 3:10
5. Hell (Liszt, translation Forsythe, arr.R.Wakeman) 1:59
6. Hibernation (R.Wakeman) 1:11
7. Excelsior Song (Liszt, lyrics Wakeman-Russel, arr.R.Wakeman) 2:32
8. Master Race (Wagner, arr. R.Wakeman) 0:45
9. Rape, Pillage&Clap (Wagner, arr. R.Wakeman) 3:09
10. Funerailles (Liszt, lyrics Benson, arr.R.Wakeman) 3:48
11. Free Song(Hungarian Rhapsody) (Liszt, arr.R.Wakeman)1:57 
12. Peace At Last (Liszt, lyrics Benson-Daltrey, arr.R.Wakeman) 2:59

Comments: "A Goodtimes Enterprise Production of the film "Lisztomania" from
Warner Bros." 
        This is an enjoyable Wakeman Soundtrack to what was a very weird
movie. Roger Daltry adds his fine voice to some very melodic pieces. Wakeman's
keyboarding is some of his finest and most diverse, from heavy moog to light
pop to classical piano. The English Rock Ensemble adds a tight backup to
Wakeman's playing. Again, for some unknown reason, the vocals on the
non-Daltry tracks are bizarre (Hell & Excelsior Song) and are similar to the
vocals from future works such as 1984 and the Cost of Living. I would rate
this album as one of Wakeman's top six or so albums and is a must for Wakeman
collectors. I have not seen this one in any store or catalog for many years. I
only have it on cassette.

Thanks to Dmitry Kinkulkin and  Thad Kedzierski for providing this information.

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