Single: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Artist: Max Graham vs Yes
2005 Data Records

Additional production by Max Graham
Additional guitar production by Hal Ritson
Remix and additional production by Daniele Tignino/Ottavio Leo (3), Jermoe Isma-Ae/Marcel Krieg (4), Kenny Hayes/Ben Trengrove (5)

(p) WEA International Inc, under exclusive licence to Data Records/Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd. 2005
(c) Data Records/Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd. 2005

1. Radio Edit (2:42)
2. Club Mix (8:10)
3. Klonhertz Remix (7:51)
4. Future Funk Remix (7:12)
5. Movement One Remix (7:35)

CD-ROM content:

Written by Anderson/Rabin/Squire/Horn

Notes: Canadian DJ Max Graham (b. 1971), a fan of the original song from 90125, remixed it for the club scene in 2004. Having proved popular on the dancefloor, the single was released in 2005, making #9 in the UK singles chart, the second best UK singles chart performance for Yes (if this counts as for Yes) after "Wonderous Stories" and better than the original "Owner of a Lonely Heart" did in the UK. The basic song is very recognisable, but it has been stripped down to its basics. The bulk of the royalties for the remix go to Yes.

The release gives details for how to access for download yet another remix ("Klonhertz Dub Remix"). There was also a 12" (DATA92T) with the "Club Mix" on the A-side and "Soul Avengerz in Da Club Remix" and "Klonhertz Remix" on the B-side. There was also a 7-track CD with "Radio Edit", "Club Mix", "Klonhertz Remix", "Klonhertz Dub", "Soul Avengerz in Da Club Remix", "Future Funk Remix" and "Instrumental Club Mix", but no video content.

The video has a more straightforward narrative than that for the original. It depicts two boys bunking off school. One has been dumped, so they decide to fake auditions requiring women to dance in their bikinis, which makes up much of the video. The boys order pizza, get the girls to do increasingly silly dances, before rushing off to be picked up 'from' school. The song was mimed on the BBC's Top of the Pops on 27 May 05, by an unknown singer, keyboardist and drummer accompanied by several female dancers.

The remix was included on the compilation Big Tunes 2 and, at time of writing, was set to appear on Funky House Sessions and Clubbers Guide Summer 2005, all released on Ministry of Sound. (HP, 29 May 05)

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