Album: Night Airs
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1990 President Records

Rick Wakeman: piano

Produced by Rick Wakeman

The Sad Dream (4:59)
Twilight (4:17)
The Sleeping Child (4:39)
Mr. Badger (4:44)
Jack Frost (3:45)
The Lone Star (4:13)
Rain Shadows (5:04)
Fox by Night (3:44)
Night Owls (4:32)
An Evening Romance (4:58)

Comments: From the Rick Wakeman New Age Collection, "the final 
recording of a trilogy of piano solos, the first two being 'Country 
Airs' and 'Sea Airs'."
Same comments as "Sea Airs" apply: nicely recorded piano solos. No 
rock, no flash, but not really mushy "New Age" crap either.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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