Title: Phantom Power
Artist: Rick Wakeman
CD A-1OM-2

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Tony Fernandez: percussion
D'Zal Martin: guitar
Chrissie Hammond: vocals (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14)
Ashley Holt: vocals (1, 5, 7, 10, 14)
Ramon Remedios :Vocals (tenor) (3, 6, 9, 13, 14)

Produced by Rick Wakeman and Stuart Sawney

 1 The Visit (3:44)
 2 Heaven (4:14)
 3 The Rat (3:26)
 4 The Stiff (3:22)
 5 Evil Love (3:49)
 6 The Voice of Love (3:07)
 7 Heat of the Moment (3:55)
 8 Fear of Love (3:27)
 9 "The Love Trilogy" (5:14)
   One Night
   The Dream Sequence
   One Night of Love
10 The Hangman (2:48)
11 The Sand-dance (2:49)
12 You Can't Buy My Love (3:31)
13 Phantom Power (2:48)
14 Rock Pursuit (4:48)

It says here, "This music was composed and recorded especially for a 
1990's relaunch of the 1925 Universal Screen Version of Phantom of the 
Opera. The music on this recording has been re-edited, remixed and in 
some cases re-recorded in order to cover the musical spectrum  that 
encompassed  the 90 minute epic..." Now there's a dilly of an idea.
I haven't yet got the copy of the video of the film that I ordered, 
but imagine that this marriage of film and music must be ever bit as 
successful as that which made up "All This and World War II" 
(re-recordings of Beatle tunes played over films of WWII). 
I can't recommend it unless you really, Really, REALLY like Ashley 
Holt's vocals, Chrissie Hammond's vocals, Ramon Remedios' operatic 
tenor, and/or in various combinations

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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