EP: Prague Rock
Artist: 310
1999 Leaf
12": PRAGUE 1

Musicians: Joseph Dierkner and Tim Donovan

Side A:
1. The Voice of Britain
2. Pipeless and Smoking Crack
3. Trustus
Side B:
4. Worn at the Heels
5. Sharp / Distance

Notes: 310's first release on Leaf was this limited edition (1000 copies) EP in which each piece is based on samples relating to a particular prog band (note the pun in the title): "The Voice of Britain" from Genesis, "Pipeless and Smoking Crack" from King Crimson, "Trustus" from Pink Floyd, "Worn at the Heels" from Jethro Tull and "Sharp / Distance" from, of course, Yes. Built around the bass riff from "Heart of the Sunrise" (from Fragile), "Sharp / Distance" begins with a lengthy extract from an interview with Bill Bruford, in which he talks about playing with Squire.

In an interview, Donovan described the project: "It was a fun side project. We didn't know what we were doing with it but it was fun, [...] It became a stealth sort of thing--we made 1000 copies because of the [copyright] ramifications. We got it out and it got on the radio! John Peel played some of Prague Rock. It was our first Leaf release, and it was a strange little introduction to 310." (HP, 26 Dec 02)

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