Album: "Softsword" King John and the Magna Charter
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1991 RIO Digital
CD RIO CD 1001
(1993/4?) President Records

Rick Wakeman: Keyboaards
Chrissie Hammond: vocals
David Paton: guitars and bass
Stuart Sawny: percussion programming
Anabel Blakeney: gemshorn

Produced by Rick Wakeman

Tracks:       (book)    (CD)
Magna Charter (12:18) (12:18)
After Prayers  (5:36)  (5:29)
Battle Sonata  (3:47)  (3:54)
The Siege      (5:14)  (5:15)
Rochester Collage  (2:51) (2:47)
The Story of Love (6:42) (6:41)
March of Time  (3:55)  (3:52)
Don't Fly Away (4:43)  (4:54)
Isabella       (3:29)  (3:33)
Softsword      (1:54)  (1:55)
Hymn of Hope   (3:16)  (3:20)

Another Rock history lesson (as opposed to the History of Rock). I 
personally prefer the melodies in "Myths & Legends of King Arther..."

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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