Album: The New Gospels
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1995 Hope
Band Members:
Ramon Remedios - Tenor
Garfield Morgan - Narrator
David Paton - Bass
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
The New Gospels Choir conducted by Steve Edwards
Produced by Rick Wakeman
Engineered and mixed by Stuart Sawney
Composed and arranged by Rick Wakeman
Part One - Galilee; The Word; Power
Part Two - The Gift; The Magnificat
Part Three - The Welcoming; Welcome A Star 
Part Four - The Way; The Baptism
Part Five - Tempt Him
Part Six - The Sermon On The Mount
Part Seven - The Lord's Prayer
Part Eight - The Road To Jerusalem
Part Nine - Trial And Error
Part Ten - Await The Hour
Part Eleven - The Cross
Part Twelve - Children Of Mine; The Last Verse
Comments: A reworking of THE GOSPELS as a single epic work, THE NEW GOSPELS 
is certainly a triumph for Rick Wakeman.  Described as "a modern oratorio," 
this is his best concept album since the 1970's. (***)
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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