Album: The Wizard and the Forest of All Dreams
Artist: Rick Wakeman
2002 Music Fusion
CD: MFW6092X

Rick Wakeman: Piano
featuring the English Chamber Choir, conducted by Guy Protheroe

Engineered and mixed by Erik Jordan
Assistant engineer: Scott Campbell-Smith
Produced by Rick Wakeman and Erik Jordan

1. The Meeting of Minds (Wakeman) 8.47
2. A Wish to Fly (Wakeman) 8.54
3. Childhood Dreams (Wakeman) 9.40
4. A Sense of Heaven (Wakeman) 8.30
5. A Year in a Day (Wakeman) 7.17
6. The Gift of Life (Wakeman) 10.55

Notes: (**1/2) A concept album unlike any in Wakeman's vast repertoire, utilizing only piano and choir. Wakeman's piano stylings seem to get better with each new release, and an interesting story is told by the choir. Although the lyrics are frequently hard to follow, the liner notes include the words for each choir part. Recommended for those who appreciate The New Gospels or A Suite of Gods. (Ray Riethmeier, 19 Dec 02)

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