Album: The Burning (original soundtrack)
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1982 Varese Sarabande LP STV 81162

Produced by Rick Wakeman and Alan Brewer.

Bandmembers, side 1
Rick Wakeman: Yamaha grand piano, Hammond organ, Hohner clavinet, Prophet 5 and Prophet 10 synthesizers.
Alan Brewer: 6 string electric guitar, 12 string accoustic guitar, percussion
Kevin Kelly: electric bass
Mike Braun: drums


Variations on the Fire (5:10)
The Chase Continues (Po's Plane) (3:57)
Theme from the Burning (3:31)
Shear Terror and More (4:32)

Bandmembers, side 2
Rick Wakeman: Yamaha grand piano, Yamaha CS-80 electric piano, ARP Omni, Mini-moog, Prophet 10 synthesizer
All tracks side 2 performed entirely by Rick Wakeman, except "Doin' It" and "Devil's Creek Breakdown"
Mike Gareau: "Melodic"6 string electric guitar (D.I.); fiddle (D.C.B.)
Arlen Roth: 6 string electric guitar (both tracks), pedal steel guitar (D.C.B.)
Ronnie Lawson: Yamaha grand piano Alan Brewer: 6 string acoustic guitar (both tracks), 12 string guitar (D.I.), percussion (D.I.), 5 string banjo (D.C.B.)
Kevin Kelly: electric bass (both tracks)
Liberty DeVitto: drums (both tracks)

Tracks, side 2
Devil's Creek Breakdown (2:19) (Alan Brewer)
The Fire (3:23)
Doin' it (2:40) (Anna Pepper)
The Chase (1:59)
Shear Terror (2:45)
The Burning (End Title Theme) (2:00)

Comments: I've been assured by the folks at Varese Sarabande that they have no plans of releasing this album on CD, which is a pity as there is some wonderful music here. It's not Rock'n'roll, but suitable soundtrack music.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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