Album: The Family Album
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1987 President Records

Rick Wakeman: Keyboards

Produced by Rick Wakeman

Nina (Rick's wife) (5:16)
Adam (Rick's second eldest son) (2:43)
Mum (4:48)
Chloe (German Shepherd) (3:59)
Oliver (Rick's eldest son)
Kookie (cat) (3:52)
Black Beauty (black rabbit) (3:43)
Oscar (Rick and Nina's son) (5:02)
Dad (3:39)
Tilly (golden retriever) (4:44)
Benjamin (Rick's third son) (3:16)
Jemma (Rick and Nina's daughter) (3:35)

Comments: The LP had a gatefold jacket with plenty of photographs of 
the family and their pets.  The CD was issued (two years later in the 
U.S.A.) with the tracks in a different order, and with three 
additional tracks.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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