Album: The Private Collection
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1991 RIO Digital
CD      RIO CD 1004
(1993/4?) President Records

Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
???: everything else (see notes)

Produced by: NA

The Battle (4:37)
Penny's Piece (7:44)
The Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto (4:38)
Piece for Granny (13:59)
Steamhole Dance (Part 1 & 2)  (3:40)
The Mountain (8:21)
Warmongers (4:17)
Aberlady (11:20)
And Now a Word from our Sponsor (3:14)

Comments/notes: Probably the most annoying thing about this wonderful 
recording is that there was absolutely NO information included about 
any of the tunes in my RIO copy. Where did these tunes come from? 
Who's playing? What year were they recorded?  Hopefully President 
corrected all this in the reissue, and I will watch this space for 
someone to update this...
        "The Battle" appears to be a rehersal recording of the song from 
"Journey..." It includes the band, vocalists, the choir and orchestra, 
almost just like the original recording. 
        I could be wrong, but "Penny's Piece sounds like
 it's from the "1984"/"Cost of Living" era.  If so, it would have improved the 
latter, as it is a very nice (fake/processed) piano solo.
        "The Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto" was recorded live, I'm guessing 
from the original "Journey" tour, as the french horns resemble those 
from the "Journey" recording. I'm not familiar with all of the tunes 
that Rick nicked and pasted into this piece, but the audience is 
laughing and having a grand time. Excellent piano playing and trade 
offs with the orchestra!!!
        "Piece for Granny" is a piano solo on a real piano, and has more 
connections with Rick's classical training than most of the items in 
either  of the "Classical Connection" albums.
        "The Mountain" is another piano solo - maybe a real (if out of 
tune)  piano. Slow, maybe even pretty.
        "Aberlady": more solo piano.
            "And Now a Word from our Sponsor" is a close relative to "Pearl and 
Dean..." complete with piano, orchestra, and choir.  "nya nya nya nya 
nya nya" is a recurring theme in both pieces.
        Clocking in at 61:50, it's well worth it, especially if you like 
Rick's piano playing.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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