The Seven Wonders Of The World
Album: The Seven Wonders of the World
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1995 President Records Ltd.

Produced by Rick Wakeman for Serious Music.  
All titles arranged and composed by Rick Wakeman and published bq Edward
Kassner Music Co. Ltd.

Recorded at Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man between September 1994 and March,
Engineered and mixed by Stuart Sawney.
Percussion programming by Stuart Sawney for BVC.
Narrative spoken by Garfield Morgan.
Thanks to KORG, Kurzweil and Metro-sound.
Dedicated to my Family - the eighth wonder of the world.

1-2. The Pharos of Alexandria
3-4. The Colossus of Rhodes
5-6. The Pyramids of Egypt
7-8. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
9-10. The Temple of Artemis
11-12. The Statue of Zeus
13-14. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Linear notes - This instrumental song cycle sets out to capture the particular
mood of each of the seven marvels of the ancient world and the atmosphere of
their individual time and place in our history. Each track is prefaced by a
short narrative delivered by the actor, Garfield Morgan. The strong modern
orchestral rock style has been created entirely on digital keyboards and
features the renowned Wakeman dexterity throughout. 

A good album that showcases Wakemans unique talents and understanding of
instrumental music. Kinda makes you wonder what all those albums would have
sounded like without Ashley Holt.
Thanks to Thad Kedzierski for providing this information

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