Album: Wakeman With Wakeman: The Official Bootleg 
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1994 Griffin
CD: GCDRW-156-2
Band Members:
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Adam Wakeman - keyboards
Tony Fernandez - electronic percussion 
Alan Thomson - bass
a Serious Music production
produced by Rick Wakeman
Stuart Sawney & Ian Barfoot ... mixing and mastering
1. Lure Of The Wild (R.Wakeman) 7:25 
2. Catherine Howard (R.Wakeman) 9:55
3. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) 7:53 
4. Past And Present (A.Wakeman) 4:38
5. The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur
   & The Knights Of The Round Table (R.Wakeman) 12:25
     i. King Arthur Overture
    ii. Arthur
   iii. The Last Battle
6. Catherine Parr (R.Wakeman) 9:46
7. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (R.Wakeman) 38:30
     i. The Journey
    ii. The Recollection
   iii. The Battle
    iv. The Forest
8. Paint It Black (Jagger/Richards) 6:19
Comments: Track 8 is listed in the liner notes as lasting 29 minutes and 17 
seconds; this is clearly erroneous.  The album was also released with a 
limited  edition, wooden "piano box," widely viewed as a rip-off.  
The music, however, remains well worth the regular price.  (****1/2)
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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