Album: Wakeman with Wakeman
Artist: Wakeman with Wakeman
1992 President Records

Rick Wakeman:
Adam Wakeman:  
      Equipment: Korg, Roland, Ensoniq, Hammond, Shure, Kurzweil, 
Celestion, Sound Crystal, and Metro Music

Produced by (NA)

The Lure of the Wild (7:06)
The Beach Comber (4:06)
Megalomania (3:05) (Adam Wakeman)
Raga and Rhyme (3:02)
Sync or Swim (6:05)
Jiggajig (3:58)
Caesarea (9:14)
After the Atom (4:54)
The Suicide Shuffle (3:18)
Past and Present (3:20) (Adam Wakeman)
Paint it Black (5:36) (Jagger/Richards)
all other titles by Rick Wakeman

According to the notes: "Past and Present" and "Megalomania" have been 
arranged and performed by Adam Wakeman, who also played the organ on 
"The Suicide Shuffle" as well as the initial major solos on "Paint it 
Black" and "Sync or Swim". He also shares responsibility for one of 
the two pianos on "Jiggajig".
Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information 
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