Album: Yes Remixes
Artist: Yes
2003 Elektra/Rhino (Warner Strategic Marketing)
CD: 8122-73872-2

Remixed by The Verge (Virgil Howe)
Mastered by Chris Ludo
Art direction & design: Bryan Lasley/Hugh Brown

1. Tempus Fugit [Downes/Horn/Howe/Squire/White] (5:07)
2. Arriving UFO [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman] (5:55)
3. Heart of the Sunrise [Anderson/Squire/Bruford] (5:59)
4. Starship Trooper [Anderson/Squire/Howe] (7:34)
5. Awaken [Anderson/Howe] (7:48)
6. Sound Chaser [Howe/White/Squire/Anderson/Moraz] (5:25)
7. Ritual [Anderson/Howe] (6:20)
8. Siberian Khatru [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman] (5:27)
9. 5 Per Cent for Nothing [Bruford] (4:41)
10. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed [Richie Havens] (4:45)
11. No Clowns [Anderson/Bruford/Downes/Horn/Howe/Moraz/Squire/Wakeman/White] (3:15)

Notes: Yes Remixes is just what it says it is: remixes of Yes songs by Virgil Howe (Steve's second son). For those of you who can't read the liner notes (written in light grey on not quite as light grey), they read:

The idea started out after I megged up my Akai MPC2000XL sampler with full memory. The next step was to push my newfound capacity, which I did with "Heart Of The Sunrise," one of the most dynamic songs in the defining period of Yes. The limitations I had of having no computer (just my MPC and a 16-track live desk) and none of the separate tracks (sampling off the vinyl) helped me find a more progressive approach, chronologically working the song, so that each section had its own little remix. Getting all those samples in was a laborious process, but once they were in it was all joy.

Then came the moment of truth: playing the "Heart Of The Sunrise" remix to my highly-critical, all-constructive dad. He listened intently, with a slightly bemused look on his face, until the end, when he smiled and said, "You're crazy—why don't you do some more?" So here they are. All that's left is for me to thank the Yes members past and present for all the inspiration you have given me and everyone else. Enjoy!
—Virgil Howe

The final track is an assembly of samples from many soures: as far as I can make out, it includes samples from "We have Heaven", "Close to the Edge", "I've Seen All Good People", "Sound Chaser", "Heart of the Sunrise", "Parallels", "Circus of Heaven" and others. (HP, 31 Jul 03)

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