Yes- Big Generator
Album: Big Generator
Artist: Yes
1987 Atco
CD: 7 90522-2 

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Tony Kaye- keyboard
Trevor Rabin- guitar, keyboards, and vocals
Chris Squire- bass, and vocals
Alan White- Drums and percussion

Produced by Yes, Trevor Rabin, Paul DeVilliers, and Trevor Horn

Rythm Of Love (Kaye/Rabin/Anderson/Squire) (4:49)
Big Generator (Rabin/Kaye/Anderson/Squire/White) (4:31)
Shoot High Aim Low (White/Kaye/Rabin/Anderson/Squire) (6:59)
Almost Like Love (Kaye/Rabin/Anderson/Squire) (4:58)
Love Will Find A Way (Rabin) (4:48)
Final Eyes (Rabin/Kaye/Anderson/Squire) (6:20)
I'm Running (Rabin/Squire/Anderson/Kaye/White) (7:34)
Holy Lamb (Song For Harmonic Convergence) (Anderson) (3:15)

Comments: (***)

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