Album: Classic Cuts
Artist: various
2000 Classic Rock
CD: CR 20/11/00

Performed by
Uriah Heep (1)
Slash's Snakepit (2)
Yes (3)
Mick Ronson (4)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (5)
Ten (6)
Ordinary Psycho (7)
Steve Hackett (8)
Ozric Tentacles (9)
Bar 7 (10)
Hugh Cornwell (11)
Paragon (12)
Tangible Fruit Squad (13)

1. Uriah Heep CD ROM:
        Between Two Worlds (excerpt) [M. Box/P. Lanzon]
        Stealin' (excerpt) [K. Hensley]
        Universal Wheels (excerpt) [M. Box/P. Lanzon]
2. Just Like Anything [Slash/J. Friparii/R. Jackson/R. Roxie/J. Douglas—sic]
3. Owner of a Lonely Heart [J. Anderson/C. Squire/T. Rabin/T. Horn]
4. Get On With It [M. Ronson]
5. The Sage [G. Lake]
6. The Stranger [G. Hughes]
7. Not Without a Fight [Armstrong]
8. Slot Machine [S. Hackett/B. May]
9. Pixel Dream [Ozric Tentacles]
10. 4 Leaf Clover [J. Keith/T. Skeoch]
11. Leave Me Alone [H. Cornwell]
12. Unbeliever [Wilson/Oldale/Janes/Dewhurt—sic]
13. Girl Meets World [A. Partridge]

Notes: Cover disc for an issue of Classic Rock magazine. The Yes track (3) is from House of Yes—Live at the House of Blues. Typos aplenty here: the credit for (2) should read Slash/J. Griparic/R. Jackson/R. Roxie/M. Laug/J. Douglas, while Dewhurt in (12) is actually Dewhurst. (HP, 16 Sep 01)

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