Album: Eight cuts from Yesyears (promo)
Artist: Yes
1991 Atco
CD: PRCD4009-2 (promo)

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals (2-5, 7)
Bill Bruford- drums and percussion (2-4)
Steve Howe- guitar and vocals (2-5)
Tony Kaye- keyboards (1, 7, 8) 
Trevor Rabin- guitar, keyboards, and vocals (1, 7, 8)
Chris Squire- bass, and vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards (2-5)
Alan White- Drums and percussion (1, 5-8) 

Make it easy (6:08)
I've seen all good people (6:53)
Roundabout (8:31)
America (4:03)
Money (3:12)
Run with the fox (4:09)
Owner of a lonely heart (4:27)
Love Conquers all (4:57)

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Thanks to Joe Feliciani for providing this information

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