Album: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1974 A&M
CD: CD 3156

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Gary Pickford-Hopkins and Ashley Holt- vocals
Roger Newell- bass
Barney James- drums
John Cleary, Fred and Toby- "Road Thugs"
London Symphony Orchestra and English Chamber Choir
   conducted by David Measham
David Hemmings- narration

Written and Produced by Rick Wakeman

Recorded live at Royal Festival Hall, London, Jan. 18, 1974
1. The Journey/ Recollection (21:10)
2. The Battle/ The Forest (18:57)  

Comments: A great concept album, suffers tremendously by the
absolutely horrid vocals. The music is excellent, the instrumentation
is excellent, but the vocals simply ruin what could have been an 
all time classic. (***)

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